Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wasted Wednesday

Today I did very little. I had noooooooooooo driving factor. I was consumed with being annoyed at the school. I wanted to list some items on ebay, and I did, but only a few. I got obsessed with those things. I cleaned a little, but that wasn't appealing. I wanted to make some tasty dinner, but didn't feel like it. It's a blah kinda feeling today. And it's a day that makes me think I need some sort of attention medicine to keep me focused.

Let's see....what did I do? I didn't end up working. The student didn't show up, and has to be rescheduled for Monday, so I have to go Monday as well.

I overdrafted my bank account and am afraid to tell Jamie. He will be so mad. You know why? Many frequent trips to McDonald's that I didn't figure in to my budget. WHY McDonalds? Because Monopoly...duh! I'm obsessed with winning money to get me out of the hole! It's gotta happen to someone - why not be me??? I have won some things this time around though. Fries mostly. An angus wrap. A breakfast sandwhich. A 3 month subscription to Pogo or something. And tons of Coke Reward points on the online portion. :) Nothing big, like that can drive me to work, or provide me a living, or vacation. Not YET. (I have to have faith, right?)

I cooked easy peasy chicken legs for dinner. Frozen corn and canned biscuits. For dessert, I made an apple dessert in the crockpot. It turned out so-so.

Tonight I watched Remember Me. Jeez, I wish I would have known what it was about. It was sad.

I think I'm going to call it a day. My kids are on Fall Break, yay!! No school tomorrow. It's rainy out. I hope it rains tomorrow too so that I can make them clean their rooms. Isn't that mean of me? If I help, it shouldn't take long.


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