Saturday, October 16, 2010

Seriously! It's Saturday!! :)

I'm so glad it is the weekend. Yesterday, I skipped out on working (at work or at home), and went shopping. Not huge shopping, but this huge wharehouse near here, I can hardly resist. The best deals I got were 10/$1 packs of Hallmark tissue paper. Both Christmas and plain white. I got a ton of Goodies Hair accessories 2/$1. I'm making ghosts with the white tissue paper, and I'm going to sell some of the hair things on ebay. I also bought a rake for $5.

The kids wanted to rake the leaves so bad with the new rake. So I let them ;). They raked piles, buried each other, raked them again, buried each lasted quite a while. I decided we needed to build a scarecrow. Tell me if this is morbid or wrong. I have a box of my late stepdad's old clothes. I have had it for 6 years now, I'm supposed to make a quilt for my mom. Well, he was a contractor so I knew there were jeans and flannels (scarecrow wear) so we used one of his shirts and jeans and stuffed them with leaves. I don't think he would care! But I wonder if my Mom might? I want to send her a picture, but not sure if it's wrong. I can share with you though - I will put one up later today, we still have to make his pumpkin face.

Last night our two oldest boys went to friends houses overnight, our 'middle child' went with a friend to the football game, and DH & I had a nice quiet evening with just the little two. We took them to McD's for a happy meal since they were the only ones home. They were excited!

This morning, we were supposed to go to G's football game, but he woke up sick to his stomach. Probably all the candy & junk he ate at the football game last night, but I'm worried it's the flu. Just 2 short weeks ago, 3 of the other boys and DH had the stomach flu. 2 kids had escaped they both have diarrhea and G thinks he's going to barf. Is this round 2, or the end of the first session? Jeez!

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