Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ramblings from my Tuesday

So, this is going to be random. Just an overview of the day I guess. I worked. Blah, blah, blah. I'm really, REALLY-REALLY, tired of my job. The students have been bugging me, the fluctuating schedule, just IT in general. Time to change pace.

I opened an ebay store tonight. I sold some items over the last week totalling about $130, so that spurred my motives....

The house I live in is atrocious. We rent. There is a bazillion things that need repair. Tonight, I asked my DH to attach a furnace vent air freshner to the vent, and when he went downstairs, he discovered the water heater is leaking. NICE. No WONDER my freaking water bill was up to almost $67 this month. It used to be $30-$40. Ridiculous!!!!! So, we hauled some junk out to the curb for pick up with tomorrow's trash pick up, and I have to call the Landlord.

That means, I have to skip work tomorrow. I have to! I MUST. I have to get my house in order for strangers to be inside....because if I don't, they'll judge me. Right? I'm an idiot with my realistic fears. So what. They will, and who CARES? I hate worrying about what people think. Like they really think my house is immaculate when I am raising a brood of boys, and we are always on the go. And I work outside the home.

Ummm, lets see. What else? Oh, yeah. I totally was irate and PISSED to the max tonight. My oldest son, who is 13, got an F in gym. An F in gym. A flippidy, effing, freaking, $%^$@$^#^W$ F in GYM. I have monitered all of his grades this entire semester, every single week. He has had an A in there all year. The marking period ended on Friday. THURSDAY, it still said A. Today, his final grade for the record was an FFFFFFFF. For NOT DRESSING. Oh, he still participated when he didn't dress, SIX TIMES, but he didn't dress in his gym uniform. I was livid. LIV-ID. I emailed a nasty note to the gym teacher. To the SUPERINTENDENT. And to the principal. Then the phone rang. It was the gym teacher. The convo went a little like this:

Teacher: "I'm really sorry but Aaron knew his grade dropped an entire letter, each time they don't dress."

Me: "I understand there are rules, but had there been an update on the online grading system, I would have taken care of this on my end, and my son wouldn't have gotten an F!!!! Never once did you notify me, in any way - shape - form."

Teacher: "Well, this rule has been in place for 30 years, and Aaron was well aware of it."

Me: "I don't CARE! The rule is ridiculous. A detention at most would be a satisfactory consequence for a child that doesn't dress for gym. He participated and had all A+'s. Now, he's ineligible for sports!!!!!"

Teacher: "I am sorry but I cannot update my grades online each and every night."

Me: "Well, you updated it weekly, all along. You could very well have put his "non-dress" grade drops in too"

Teacher: "Aaron didn't dress at all LAST WEEK. I didn't enter grades from the week until Friday evening."

Me: (in my head, and not outloud....OMG I'm gonna make my kid wear his uniform to school every day for the rest of his life, that little brat let me yell at the teacher, the principal, the superintendent {where I'm EMPLOYED} and it was his fault and he KNEW IT!!!)

Really, I could use a brown bag to breathe in right now. I'm freaking out all over again. 13 year old boys. Seriously?

I'm blessed. I know that I am, but it doesn't always feel like it.

Good night.

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