Monday, October 18, 2010

Lazy days...........

Jeez, I miss my family! I like living here sometimes, but I wish I lived near my friends and family. Sure I have friends here, but not my 'old pals' and my family. My sister who lives closest to me (1 hr & 15 minutes away) is the person I see most frequently. Her and I can drive 1/2 way to each other and it ends up being in a town that has everything we could need. ;)

Yesterday, we met for lunch at Papa Vino's. (Her choice, NOT my fave). After lunch, we shopped around, mostly browsed, I didn't buy anything. She got a super cute pair of peep-toe red heels. Next we went to the movies! We saw "Life As We Know It" which was AWESOME in my opinion. I loved it. Some favorites about the movie - 1) it made my die laughing in lots of scenes. 2) the relationship was very realistic 3) awesome soundtrack, Just Breathe by Pearl Jam, in particular 4)there were some hilarrrrious 1-liners. My favorite was shortly after a married guy tells his buddy who's falling in love that he has always lived vicariously through him, he was his last single friend, etc: "Do you know what it's like to be married? Imagine prison. Then, don't change anything!" It was great.

I am procrastination. Right now I should be either packing up ebay stuff, or cleaning the kitchen. Neither are appealing at the moment. I'd rather skim around blogland. Which brings me back to the movie. Apparently, single women who are too old and should be married, must be bloggers. There was a silly reference where he asked the girl, as if it was an insult, "let me guess, you blog too!"

I think bloggers are THE BEST!!!! I've found some really awesome blogs's my favorite past time!

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