Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Twice in one week??

I actually stole time away alone today. The second time this week. It wasn't my intentions though. DH had the day off work and was sleeping in. I got up and made "enormous pancakes" for breakfast. I was getting the kids ready to go to the 4-H fair to see the animals and the exhibits but while I was cooking, they started bickering and fighting. After many attempts to settle them, I decided I wasn't spending my day, in the hot sun smelling farm animals, with disobedient children. So I left. Writing that down makes me feel like a bad mom...but I couldn't do it today.
I fed them all, put my swimsuit on, grabbed a towel, informed DH I was going, and I went!!! :). One of my friends has a pool and I drove there, climbed in, and I laid on a float for 3 hours. It was perfectly relaxing, refreshing, and though you may think I abandoned my duties, I deserved it.



  1. This is so awesome and I am so proud of have to do what you have to do....and if you have to escape, you do it!