Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tiring Tuesday

Sooooo sleepy. I had a long day. One of my little ones is going to summer school for 2 weeks. Poor kid struggles with reading and spelling. He is the 4th child, and none of the others have had any issues. It's okay, he's getting help he needs and he is the type that becomes very frustrated with me helping him. Anyway, short story long, I've been getting up earlier than usual for that.

Started my new job today. I was very impressed with the first teacher. He jumped right in, really related well with the students, and I think we will work well together. Next guy, my age, easy on the eyes, but snoozefest! He was overwhelmed, frustrated, and was very professional, but not quite sure if he's a good fit for Adult Ed. I know his grand-mother-in-law and ADORE her. She is a retired teacher who also teaches GED for us now. I'm rambling. Basically, I don't think this guy has ever been dealt any tough issues, and adult ed students are usually from the school of hard-knocks.

After work, I took the kids to the gym for some rock-climbing and swimming pool fun. (I do not rock climb). We did have a good time but my eyes are burning. They like to splash.

Tuesday nights Losing With Jillian is on so I went to my BFF's house and we watched it together and made a sensible dinner. We made bruschetta with fresh veggies from her garden. Then we made homemade hummus and pita chips, with iced green tea. Yummm! After hearing Jillian brutally whip the tv family into shape, we went out and attempted to do the c2k program. I downloaded the app but have yet to complete it. I'm not a runner but I wish that I was. We mostly walked, though we did do a few jogging intervals.

Never did I snap one photo today except the one of my kid heading to the bus. Do much for my pictorial recap. Maybe I'll shoot for pics tomorrow, on "whirlwind Wednesday". Like that? :)



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  1. Whirlwind Wednesday! Ha! I love it!

    That dinner sounds great, and I love how the show inspired you to get moving. I can't believe I haven't watched that show yet. I need to get on that.