Monday, July 26, 2010

Ever have days where you feel like a lone fish in the entire ocean?

My mom lives 2 days away. My sisters are all out of state. My dad is dealing with cancer treatment, and lives almost 2 hours away. My kids hate me, and if they don't, they act like it. My husband is soooo distant, it feels like he's not even here.

I know things could be horribly worse. I'm down. I am really down.

I went to the Oncology Center today and into the chemo room to see my Dad. He looked good. He smiled, cracked jokes, and ate food....but all around him, and I mean right around him, were others. Many others, jam packed in one room, all there for the same reason. It was tightly packed, like a classroom with recliners. People everywhere, some sitting and talking to their person who came with. Some watching TV. Some just staring off. Some gray and many bald. Some vomiting. All together in a room, all trying to fight for their life.


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