Thursday, July 22, 2010

So much for being entertaining!! :)

I have some high aspirations for this blog, but I have been having a difficult time making the thoughts come to life on here. The past two days, I have snapped no pics. Not a one. I'll give you another recap of life in 'Lora-land' as my husband sometimes calls it. Then, I'll attempt to do a better job of making this more of a creative and fun site, than just my blurbage that pours from my brain.

The job is going well. The second teacher who I complained about has totally surprised me. He's proven to be very bright, well-spoken, and informative. He seems genuinely empathetic and concerned about the future of the students. I think he just might work out in adult ed.

Tonight my kid had a baseball game after 2 weeks of no practice. They won, and I'm so proud. It's so enjoyable watching c-league play. They use the pitching machine and it is really exciting. Who knew, that I was a sports aficionado. I didn't. Anyway, it helps, that my sons team is 8-1 so far this season. Very exciting.

I'm having a yardsale next Friday with my bff and one of her friends. Extra cash is always good, simplifying my life of clutter is always good. I hate having a yardsale though. I love shopping at them, I hate running them. SOOOO much work, for pocket change. It is nice when the change adds up though. I'm thinking of going through my house room by room, and doing like "Clean Sweep" does on HGTV. A pile for garbage, a pile for selling, donation, and keep. Do they have 4 piles? My house is crazy cluttered right now.

My booth at the store up town has now been a mount of a mess for a week now. I can't believe I haven't went and taken care of it yet, I haven't had the time. A lot of the junk needs packed up and put in the yardsale.

I'm throwing a party for my parents on the 7th. It's beginning to feel very stressful because my stepmom is retired and has a lot of time on her hands lately, and feels the need to orchestrate everything. She is quite a perfectionist, as well as the complete opposite of procrastinator. I on the other hand, am the worlds biggest procrastinator, and I work it!!!! :) haha. Anyway, the party is a 60th birthday party for them both/30th wedding anniversary.

My Dad is going through chemo right now. He was diagnosed around Easter with Lymphoma. He has always been a strong, healthy, (invincible) man in my eyes. Never sick. Never complaining. Never anything. Always a hard worker, laid back, just a good guy. It sucks, watching him have to deal with this, and the fear involved. He has an excellent attitude. The tumors that popped up a few months ago, have shrunk and disappeared with the chemo, but Tuesday he goes for his appointment with his Dr., who will tell him whether or not the chemo is helping.

My Mom, who lives in Albuquerque might be coming to visit in early September. I really hope she is. I miss her.

I feel like I'm forgetting another big portion of my life, but I'm sure I'll think of it later. Goodnight - have an excellent weekend!!!!


  1. I hate doing yard sales too. I just hate when you have something dirt cheap, and they want it even cheaper. Will you take a dime for this instead of a quarter?
    Good luck to your dad. I hope he gets some good news!