Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dylan and birthdays

Poor Dylan! First of all, when he was born, it coincided with my Aunts death. AND, it's 2 days following the 4th of July. For some unknown reason, we are always broker than hell at this time of year. Actually now, then Labor day weekend. Blueberry festival is during Labor Day weekend (whole other story) & we are always broke for that too.

Dylan always gets the shaft on his birthday. This year, it was worse than ever!!! He broke his foot, at VBS last Thursday. So, that not only put a damper on things for him for the 4th of July, but his birthday too, and the rest of the SUMMER vacation, for that matter! Poor kid. I will update with pictures after this post, but they are on my iPhone and I am on the laptop, I am sure there is probably some easy way to get them here in the midst of my words, but I don't now how to do it.

Anyway, this is the week we have had. We have had financial issues lately. The kids, oh my gawwwd, they eat everything in sight. We were running out of food...payday was TODAY, and it couldn't come soon enough. The phone, cable, and internet all got behind. My bank got overdrafted. AND THEN. The freaking washing machine decided to croak out. Then Dyl's birthday. Poor kid.

Today, he went to McD's for breakfast. Then home on the couch. I wanted to take them to the beach, but he didn't want to get sand in his splint. (He gets his 'real' cast tomorrow). THEN we were gonna go to the waterpad park in a little town down the road, but I got sidetracked. More on that in a minute. I wanted to take them to the city pool, Dylan didn't want to take his splint off. He couldn't get ahold of his buddy who was supposed to come with him today. DH had to work 10-8:30 today, so that kind of sucked. Had all the other boys home....and they argued over video games. The dog was indoors (too hot outside), the kittens were running all over, meowing their heads off. It was delightful. NOT. Took Dyl to DQ for a kidcone after lunch. FINALLY found his friend and he got to come over and play....MORE VIDEO GAMES!!! Had late dinner on the grill once hubby got home, and THEN cake and ice cream. Not til 9:30!!! Had another family show up though, with gifts for Dylan. Cool things, like a journal, and paint projects. Stuff he can do with a broken foot.

I forgot to mention it was in the hot 90's today, all humid and sticky. I love it, but I love it better near water. The kids would go outside in small doses then rush back in for water and a/c.

Dylan seemed happier after his guests were here, and he got cake. I sent the kids to bed and went to clean kitchen, and noticed, yet again, Dyl got the bumwrap. There on the kitchen counter were the candles he was supposed to blow out and make wishes with. Well, guess we'll have day 2 continued of a bummy birthday tomorrow. He'll blow out candles. Get his gifts. See his movie. Get a cast right smack dab in the middle of all the other excitement. Then maybe spend his bday money.

I love this kid. He is such a sweetie. Maybe I need to start a 'Dylan's birthday week savings fund' so we aren't in the same predicament next year.

Okay - the tangents I almost veered off on.

Washer - found one on the side of the road today for sale $50. Snatched that up, got it in the van, couldn't get it out by myself and up the steps of the porch. Therefore, I'm packed in the house with 6 kids, but short a van seat in the van. I also tried to 'diy' the whole moving out the old, moving in the new washer to surprise hubby, but ended up ripping a piece of the kitchen flooring. :( NOT GOOD. But YAY, we have a working washer. (Doesn't matter the old is on the front porch at the moment, does it? Thank god tomorrow is trash pick up day). It is horrifying, trying to go without laundry in a 7 person household with pets.

P.S. Dylan needs a trombone for band. I signed him up, he has no horn. Prayers that an inexpensive one falls into our laps!

I almost forgot, most importantly, Dylan, I love you! Happy Birthday. (As IF he reads this).

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