Friday, July 16, 2010

TFIF I think

Omg, what a crappy day. Week. As I was cooking breakfast this morning, again, the boys started misbehaving, picking on each other, fighting over who sat where, what's on TV, who had the kitten first, etc. Instead of going to the fair (attemp #2 this week) and beach, we stayed at home and I made this!!

It's not quite done. I couldn't find my roll of magnet to put on the back, so for now, I'm using regular ones. Everyone starts the day with their clip on the white start. They move up if they get warnings or earn consequences, but if they go an entire day of being helpful, staying on white, being nice to their brothers, etc, they get on the blue-green plate. That's big!! Rewards are involved.

I also decided to finally laminate their chore charts, put a laundry day schedule into place, and put a menu chart on my fridge. Here is the laundry chart....very simply made- nothing special.

And I got this adorable little menu printable from the blog, Ucreate. I'm new to blogging and don't know how to make that a link from my iPhone, but I follow that blog and it can be found over to the right.

I shrunk mine to 1/2 page and I laminated it. I don't have a laminator, but bought a package of the sticky kind at Walmart a long time ago.

Other than that, today was very stressful. Had a big event with a kitten, which led to involvement with the neighbor who hates my children....thank God it's fine!!! (I will blog about that some other day) And my husband and I -our marriage- could use prayer bc it feels like the rocks we were on, just started sinking out from under us. That's the best way I can describe without being too "colorful".

I sold something for the first time on craigslist today though. That was cool. Wanna see what it was? Okay, I thought so. It was a mini pocket bike. The guy we bought it from thinking it was a fun kid toy, called it a "chainsaw on wheels". We only let the kids ride it a few times, but we didn't really have a place for this.

Goodnight. Have a great weekend.


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  1. You are so creative Lora! This is such a neat blog....I wish I could find a "blogger's class" I haven't quite got the knack how to set up my page and add pictures without ripping my hair out!:):) I will definitely being praying for you, with marriage, restarting and restarting and continue to plow through is not easy.....I completely understand what you are's a lot of work....keep your chin up girl!