Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lora the mompreneur?

Journey to Mompreneurship.
I haven't blogged in FOREVER. Since the last time, I've resigned my position as an Aide to GED students, and have went more full time on ebay.
My grandpa passed away.
I went on a 2 week vacation away from my husband and kids to Mexico.
I can't remember if we'd done this before my hiatus, but we combined boys in a room, moved our room upstairs, and turned our old room downstairs into my ebay room/office. It's a disaster.
This is Spring Break for my kids this week, but we're hanging out at home. They went to Gatlinburg, TN while I was in Mexico, so we all had vacation already.
My goals right now, are to succeed in my ebay sales, but I'm working on trying to integrate this blog, my facebook, twitter, and any other avenues I can find to business ventures/advertisement. Eventually, I would love to own a popular blog that can make supplemental dollars, as well as web-write, and stuff. I don't know much about making money online except for ebay/etsy/etc, so I'm open to any suggestions.
In the fall, I'll be pursuing some college courses in business, as well as looking into any classes for social media.
Until later! :)

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