Monday, June 28, 2010

Rewire me, Oh Lord

I don't know why, but all these thoughts of things I need to do, make me procrastinate even more. I see some stuff, I know some important things I need to do: like make appointments for my kids shots, physicals, dentist.....what the heck is my deal???? I need a personal assistent. Or something.

Here I sit. I better get on the ball or I'll never get anything accomplished. I know for sure that today I want to clean out my van and load up the stuff for my little shop. I know for sure that tomorrow, when my kids are at VBS, I need to move to a smaller booth at my little shop so I can boost my potential of making a bigger profit than $3, like this month! Booooooooo.

Prioritize Lora. Focus. GET your a$$ off the computer and hop to it. Busta move!

Bye for now.

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